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Our Lady of Perpetual Wedgie

I am a mom who is married to the best guy in the world. 6 boys 6 girls. I love playing games with them and introducing them to new things. It is so exciting to watch them grow up. (I only wish I didn't have to do so much of the watching at night!!) I am a full time mom so my interests are few....I dont have the time to pursue many. I do love rubber stamping though. I love sewing too. I love my LJ. It gives me a place to rant, complain, get out feelings or just record the day for posterity. It has also given me a link to many wonderful people I would probably have never known otherwise. I have a sarcastic sense of humor sometimes and generally love jokes and pranks. although I dont always get other peoples jokes and a lot of times Eric and I have so many private jokes that what I think is histerical others dont get. I love pizza. And cherry coke. And noone can tell me that Cherry coke and chocolate are not vegetables! I got very sick and had to change my ways so I no longer eat pizza and drink Coke. I still WANT TO. but I dont.

as a side note, if you are so into your God that my using an occasional word like fuck or hell will offend you, dont friend me. If you cant allow me to be ME, dont friend me. If you are easily offended, dont friend me. If you are put off by references to sex, Hot bodies, bisexuality, gay, swinging, nudity, or any thing of the like, PLEASE DONT FRIEND ME. I can not say it any more plain. I am a real person with a real life. and if you dont like the way I live it, then DONT FRIEND ME.

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