ben cries all night.

again. man I am exhausted. I am almost HOPING they put him back in plaster to give that ulcer time to heal. and to give us some peace and sleep and start over. only 15 days until we go back only 15 days!

I am finally comin HOME!

The kids and I are comin home! its been a long two weeks here in Ukraine. and i miss my family and husband and dogs and house and yard and MILK! and water! and cooking meals that I like not just whats available.  I cant WAIT to go home!

Dossier finished!!

Dossier is finished and ready to be sent. I didnt send it though because of the volcano eruption that is messing up air travel in Europe. Wouldnt go out until at least next week is my guess so I havent sent it.  very exciting to think about meeting up with our girls again!

in other news, Ben starts serial casting next week. only a little over a month of school left. Sophie sees Dr S in May to see about some splinting. My little sister is getting married May 1. I am taking the kids up there. Eric is on call.  Maia and Sophie are beside themselves with excitement about a new dress and matching shoes and going to the wedding. We took Maia Ben and Sophie to the zoo at como yesterday. they loved it. May 3 we go with their class to same zoo. wish I had a grandma or someone to come along. oh well. we will have fun just the four of us Im sure.

out of the mouths of babes

sophie you are my precious.
You are MY pwecious. My pwecious mommy.

ethan put on your socks please.

Ben put a sucker in his mouth that he
got from the bank. and then stood up and said

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there is a video of the girls where I lifted the photos from. and the one girl says she really wants a mommy. and she wants a mommy to see what a wonderful girl she is.

oh be still my heart!