Moondog (katie8471) wrote,


in loking through my "friends" on here I see that most of them havent posted in years. I wonder who they are, where they went, what they have become. Some I still talk to elsewhere on the web. Some I have completely lost touch with, and some I cant even remember who they were or why I enjoyed reading their days.

I miss the community feel of LJ. Here is an update on our family for those who still read. or maybe for someone new reading.  Chrysta as mentioned, moved to her dads. she is 16. YIKES! 16!!! can't even believe my tiny baby in frilly dresses(from DAY ONE!) is 16! i miss her. Cody is 18 and we recently had the honor and joy of taking him to register and vote. He had a hard time with our move last year but seems to be coming around. AJ(aka Andre) is 9. Ben is 9. Diana is 9 but will be 10 sunday! Ethan is 10. Jaeger is 10. Maia is 8. Natasha is 10. Sophie is 6.

various special needs among them including, anxiety, depression, FAS, PTSD, autism like behaviors, medical needs,arthrogryposis. Life is busy but mostly happy.  we have fun together.  we have doctor appointments, therapy appointments, dental appointments. we play, we work, we have problems and conflicts. we solve them and move on as best we can.

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