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piercing and other things

nose Need to make dinner for the kids. hauled wood today, did laundry all day, fed chickens(4 eggs!), and generally kept busy. Made two boys write sentences because they were disrespectful this am before school. Next time I think I will have them write me a letter of apology. Chrysta is missing home. is finding out grass isnt always greener. no friends yet. sorry to hear it but this is the bed she chose... and I am not ready to send this house back into upheaval for her to come back. she said she wants to stay for this year and next and come back and graduate here. I said I didnt think that was a good idea. all this changing schools. Once she gets her license it will be easier for her to do things. but right now she is bored. We talked for awhile and she spoke to her sibs the other day. Maia had a really hard time with her leaving. Its her only bio sister. they used to share a room, share a bed even. they were never far apart. she really looked up to her ceecee. since I dont drink coke anymore I need to change my user pics. no pancreatitis for close to a year but I am still nervous and dont dare start back where I was. I lost so much weight I dont want to go back to big either. so no coke. need to make mashed potatoes for the chicken dinner.

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